Obstetric Center

Obstetric Center

Exceptional Pregnancy Care in Alamance County

From the moment you have a positive pregnancy test to the day that your little one makes his or her appearance, you travel an exciting, wonderful, but often anxiety-filled, road. With much at stake, you need trustworthy providers who will not merely administer required exams and testing, but who will educate you, care for you and listen to your unique concerns. At Westside OB-GYN, we believe your journey through a healthy pregnancy begins with attentive, expert prenatal care.

Your Care, Your Way

It may seem challenging to decide how to begin pregnancy care when we have two offices and nine pregnancy care providers on staff. We want our patients to know that when it comes to your pregnancy care, you should be comfortable and happy with the care you receive. We offer the same care with the same great providers at both of our locations. Many of our patients like to meet with all the providers at least once to become familiar with them. Others prefer to stay with one or two providers during their entire pregnancy. As our patient, it is all about finding what is the best fit for you and your baby.

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