Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Program

Family history, genetics, and lifestyle influence a woman’s risk for developing cancer. Our Hereditary Cancer Risk Program offers risk assessment for women who may be at risk for developing certain types of cancers.  Our program focuses on family and genetics, and takes into account personal and environmental factors that contribute to individual health status.  Once you are equipped with knowledge about your potential cancer risk, you can make informed decisions about prevention, early detection strategies, and available management options.  Many preventative options include such basic lifestyle choices as nutrition, physical activity, and avoidance of certain exposures.

Our Women’s Risk Assessment Clinical Provider will work with you to determine your level of risk. The program includes:

  • ​In-depth assessment of personal health history
  • Thorough evaluation of cancer history in the family
  • Individual and/or family education and counseling
  • Genetic Testing
  • Long term screening and medical management plan

Below you will find a link where you can download and complete our Cancer Family History Questionnaire. Simply call the office and schedule an appointment to meet with our Hereditary Cancer Risk Clinical Provider if you desire a personal risk evaluation.  If necessary, please speak to family prior to your appointment in order to provide the most accurate information for those family members affected by cancer when completing the Cancer Family History Questionnaire.

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